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undeadly honked 24 Apr 2024 07:00 +0200

Game of Trees 0.98 released

The version control system gameoftrees 0.98 has been released and should soon show up in OpenBSD -current packages. An update for the -portable version will follow as well.

The main improvements in the new release are listed in the release notes as

- speed up got tag -l by caching timestamps in got_ref_cmp_tags()
- provide a macro for vi(1) path for use by -portable at compile time
- avoid a rename/stat race when gotd installs a new pack and then uses it
- make 'got ref -l' output consistent when packed references exist
- make 'got ref -l' work consistently when a reference argument is given
- add initial support for notifications to gotd(8), via email and http/json

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undeadly honked 23 Apr 2024 08:00 +0200

pfctl(8) and systat(8) to display fragment reassembly statistics

The OpenBSD toolbox for network debugging just got better. In a recent thread on tech@ titled pfctl show fragment info, Alexander Bluhm (bluhm@) posted a patch to enable packet reassembly statistics in pfctl(8).

Several other developers joined in, and Claudio Jeker (claudio@) suggested that systat(8) should too be enhanced to display packet reassembly data in pf(4) related views.

This suggestion was well received, and the resulting code has now been committed,

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